Dirt Diggers™ 2-in-1 Haulers Excavator - Yellow

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The Dirt Diggers 2-in-1 Excavator is a rugged toy vehicle and shovel in one! Kids will find an endless number of ways to dig, push, lift and pile both inside and outdoors. Toy trucks and construction toys promote hands-on, active play which is essential to balanced childhood development.

Kids will play for hours with this toy 2-in-1 construction vehicle with removable scoop in the dirt and sand! 



  • Rugged, plastic construction
  • The Excavator's scoop pushes dirt away from it
  • The scoop can also be removed and used as a shovel
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor
  • No batteries required!

Age: 2 + years
Product Size
14.50''L x 8.75''W x 9.00''H --- Weight: 2.00lbs.
Carton Size
15.00''L x 9.50''W x 11.00''H --- Weight: 2.60lbs

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