Sort 'n Store™ Primary Colors Toy Chest

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This toy box is built with our famous quality and durability - a toy chest you will use for years to come! The large storage area is perfect for bigger toys, and the small bins are great for blocks, cars, dolls and more! Made in USA.

One of the Little Tikes toy boxes!  A place for everything, and everything in its place with this extra-large capacity toy chest / toy box.


  • Toy box has six cubic feet of storage 
  • Two removable bins hold smaller toys 
  • Lid detaches for safety
  • Toys pictured not included
  • Assembly Required


2 + years
Product Size
38.00''L x 23.00''W x 22.00''H
Carton Size
38.38''L x 23.25''W x 23.25''H

Reviews (2)


Aug 23, 2022 Greate price!!!


Jun 02, 2019 We bought this toy box a year or more ago for our toddler. Holds plenty of toys big and small. I like the bins underneath, but our son is too young to "get" them so we don't use them yet. The lid comes off, which is nice, but our son just throws it around and never leaves it on. Annoying but it's the perfect size to fit under his bed so we just store it for now. I do kind of wish you were able to latch it on or something, but no big deal. No pinched fingers is nice. What I love about this toy box is the durability. I don't have to teach my son to be careful when he plays in it. This thing will survive the apocolypse. We could hide from the zombies in it if the lid stayed on.

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